Biomastered Waste Solutions in conjunction with Biomaster manufacturing have developed a range of bacteria based sustainable waste solutions , ideally packaged in small water soluble sachets.

The product range assists with keeping drains, septics and grease clean for longer and prevents buildup of waste deposits that cause smells, blockages and eventually need a high cost maintenance , pump out or replacement.

From the original formulation and testing that created the first product – Flush-it, the compnay has pioneered using bacteria to develop specialist solutions to common problems such as Grease Gone for grease traps and Drain Clear and Drain Power for drains and  Flush-it Traveller especially developed for travellers to keep their caravans and mobile homes clean and odour free.

Some later developments have been Compost-it which speeds up the composting of organic garden waste and the most recent products, the Pet Waste Bin and the Pet Waste Wizard bacteria for an environmentally friendly solution to dog waste in backyards.

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